RAW Film is the production unit founded to make films that remain in the heart of people.
We want to conncet with people; through cinema and story.



Takeshi Nishiyasu

Born in 1972.
He graduated from California State University, Long Beach. Film: Film and Electronic Arts in 1998.
He starts RAW Film in 2005.


2014@@writer/director/editor/producer/DP/sound@@"Buri no Oomisoka" (Year-End Buri)@@Short Film/11min./COLOR/HD
* Received Encouragement award at Nagaoka Indies Movie Competetion 2014
* Selected for Japan Off-theater Section of Sapporo International Short Film Festival 2014
* Screened at EuroAsia Shorts 2015
* Selected for Los Angeles IFS Film Festival 2017

2006@@writer/director/editor@@@@"Fuusen no yukue" @@Short Film^19 min.^COLOR^SD

2004@@camera/director/editor@@@@"Sleep"@@@@@@ @@Experimental^2.5 min.^COLOR^SD

2001@@camera/director/editor@@@@"COLORS"@@@@@@@@Experimental^4 min.^COLOR^SD


2005 @@assistant director @@@@@"Kagiganai" @@@@@ Feature Film^83 min.^COLOR^SD

2004 @@Assistant/Translator to Mr. John Toll (Director of Photography) and Mr. Michael Taylor (key video assist operator) @@"The Last Samurai" @ Feature Film/Warner Brothers




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